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Armed Response Unit (S019)

The Armed Response Unit deal with all situations which include any type of weapons including firearms and sharp objects. Some situations what they may encounter are:

  • Hostage situations
  • Provide armed security escorts
  • Performing warrants
  • Assisting arrests
  • Perimeter security

Air Support Unit

The Air Support Unit provides backup for our officers and they do some specific jobs which include:

  • suspect searches, Are the most common request for the unit, whenever a suspect has gone into hiding in a particular area.
  • With an aerial view, suspects who have concealed themselves from sight of officers on the ground are often visible to the crew in the helicopters, and they will direct ground officers toward the suspect.

  •   Assisting vehicle pursuits, help by giving an over head view of the pursuit by keeping a safe distance from the criminal so it gives the traffic police a safe distance reducing Road Traffic Collisions (RTC)'s 

Safer Neighborhoods team

Our safer neighborhoods team patrol around the outside of the city in the housing estates and where there are high demands of crime. They are our Police Community Support Officers (PCSO)'s 

Safer Transport Command

The Safer Transport Police oversees policing on Los Santos transport network. It is funded by and is in partnership with Los Santos Transport. With over ten million passengers transport for los santos public transport services each day. The crime on the transport services is now at its lowest.

Traffic Police 

The traffic police have five specific jobs which they do everyday while on duty. The jobs are: 

  • Casualty reduction.
  • Counter-terrorism.
  • Reducing anti-social use of the roads.
  • Denying criminals the use of the roads.
  • Public reassurance by high visibility patrolling of the road network.


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